Are you considering hardwood flooring?

There are plenty of options available to you when your flooring choice is hardwood flooring. Choose from solid hardwood, with a lifespan that could surpass 100 years when properly maintained, or engineered wood flooring, lasting up to 30 years or more. Both offer exceptional opportunities for décor-matching, durability, and benefits, so be sure to take the time to weigh them against your preferences and requirements.

Your options in hardwood flooring

With solid hardwood floors, you'll get to choose the species that best fits your in-house traffic level, as well as sealants, stain colors, and finish types that create the flooring experience you've always wanted. They add immense value to your home and could be the last floor covering you ever purchase.

Solid wood is perfect for many spaces throughout your home, but they can never be installed in below-grade rooms where dampness, moisture, and humidity are often prevalent. Instead, these spaces are better served by engineered wood floors, as they stand up better in these circumstances without taking on damage. It's an excellent option for other areas as well, so be sure to consider them where necessary.

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