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Lifetime Warranty

At Better Call Paul Flooring, we take pride in providing high-quality flooring solutions. Please note that the 'Lifetime Warranties' associated with our flooring products are provided exclusively by the manufacturers of the materials used in our installations. These warranties can vary based on the specific material chosen and the manufacturer's guidelines for care, maintenance, and use. As such, each warranty is unique, and the extent of coverage may differ. Customers are encouraged to review and understand the specific warranty associated with their chosen product. Detailed information on each manufacturer's warranty is available upon written request. Better Call Paul Flooring does not independently offer a lifetime warranty; our role is to facilitate access to the manufacturer's warranty for the materials we install. Adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines for care and maintenance is crucial for the validity of these warranties.

Owner's Guarantee

In addition to facilitating manufacturer warranties, Better Call Paul Flooring offers an Owner's Guarantee for our installation services. This guarantee assures that if any issues arise with your floor (within reasonable conditions) as a direct result of an installation error on our part, we will address and repair the issue. However, our Owner's Guarantee is applicable only to flooring installations performed by Better Call Paul Flooring. We are unable to extend this guarantee to repairs or issues related to floors not installed by our company. Our commitment under this guarantee is to maintain the highest standards of installation quality and customer satisfaction. If you encounter any installation-related issues, please contact us promptly so we can assess and resolve the situation in accordance with our guarantee.

'Within Reasonable Conditions': Our Owner's Guarantee addresses installation-related issues that fall 'within reasonable conditions.' This encompasses situations where flooring problems are directly attributable to our installation process, including issues like improper fitting, incorrect material usage, or deviations from standard installation practices. 'Within reasonable conditions' does not include issues arising from external factors such as environmental damage, excessive wear and tear, improper maintenance by the customer, or damages caused by third-party actions. It also relies on the customer’s adherence to all recommended care and maintenance guidelines provided at the time of installation. This ensures fairness and clarity in the application of our Owner's Guarantee, protecting both our customers and our business from unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.

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