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Pricing includes: materials, installation, labor, removal and disposal of old flooring material, and basic furniture moving (if neccessary), This estimate is provided as a courtesy to help you plan your project and is not a binding offer or contract. For a detailed and official quote, a professional on-site assessment may be required. By submitting this form, you agree that "Better Call Paul Flooring" may contact you using the information provided to discuss your project and provide further assistance.

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*Pricing shown is only a sample of our typical price range for flooring. Please understand that your selected materials, condition of your subfloor, and the material being removed greatly affect the price of your project.

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How To Use The Flooring Cost Calculator

Choose your preferred flooring type for the new installation. Adjust the slider to reflect your project's square footage (combining multiple rooms into a total square footage works well, and approximate measurements are acceptable!). Remember to tick the box if your project includes staircase installation. Simple as that!


What's Included In The Price?

  • New Flooring Material

  • Removal and Disposal

  • Preperation of Subfloor

  • Installation and Labor

  • Warranty

  • Guarantee On Perfect Installation

The Brands We Use

We are renowned for providing and installing top-tier flooring materials, recognized for setting industry standards. By partnering directly with an extensive network of distributors and manufacturers, we grant our customers unparalleled access to a diverse range of options. From luxurious carpets and sleek laminate to elegant tile, robust LVP, and classic hardwood, our collection is meticulously curated to ensure you find the ideal flooring solution that aligns with your vision and requirements.

karndean flooring cost

Common Questions About Flooring Cost

How Much Does Flooring Material Typically Cost?

The cost of flooring material varies widely based on the type, quality, and brand. For example, carpet can be relatively inexpensive, while high-end options like hardwood or luxury vinyl can be more costly. Get a personalized estimate based on your specific needs with our Real Flooring Cost Calculator.

What Factors Affect the Overall Cost of Flooring?

The overall cost of flooring is influenced by the material cost, size of the area, labor costs, and additional services like removal of old flooring or preparation of the subfloor. Every flooring project is absolutely different from one another because of these variables. You can see a real pricing total for your project by using our Real Flooring Cost Calculator at the top of this page.

Is DIY Flooring Installation Cheaper Than Hiring Professionals?

Opting for DIY can reduce labor expenses, yet it's crucial to weigh the project's intricacy and whether unique tools might be needed. It's common for DIY enthusiasts to encounter unexpected challenges, leading to extra expenses. Many of our clients have shared stories of facing significant issues during DIY flooring installations. These challenges are not just about the immediate installation process but also concern long-term issues, like subfloor problems and malfunctioning locking mechanisms, that can emerge after the project is seemingly complete. Our advice isn't meant to intimidate but to inform based on real experiences. By using our Real Flooring Cost Calculator, you can assess whether our professional services fit within your budget, potentially saving you thousands in unforeseen costs down the line.

Can I Save Money by Choosing Less Expensive Materials?

While opting for less expensive materials can reduce upfront costs, consider the material's durability and lifespan. Cheaper options might lead to higher long-term costs due to repairs or replacements. Typically we offer 3 different tiers of product, lower grade, standard, and premium, and thoroughly explain the difference.

Are There Any Hidden Costs in Flooring Installation I Should Be Aware Of?

In the flooring industry, it's unfortunately common for companies to present attractive initial quotes while excluding crucial expenses. Costs for subfloor preparation, molding or trim, removal and disposal, furniture moving, and even the full material cost beyond the flooring are often separated out and can come as a surprise later on. During 'SALES' periods, while materials might be offered at a discount, other service costs are frequently inflated to balance the reduction.


Our Real Flooring Cost Calculator provides a comprehensive and transparent estimate. The price range it presents includes all necessary components of your project, ensuring you're well-informed about the total cost upfront. With our calculator, you're safeguarded against the common pitfall of hidden charges, offering you peace of mind and true value in planning your flooring project.

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