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Flooring Quotes vs. Estimates:

Better Call Paul Flooring - Expertise in Accurate Flooring Quotes

Flooring Quotes vs Estimates

The Risk of Getting an Estimate vs Quote for a Flooring Project

When planning your flooring installation, understanding the financial aspects is crucial. Many companies provide estimates as their source to give you their potential costs for your project. Most people don't understand the difference between a FLOORING QUOTE or an ESTIMATE for their project.

Flooring Estimate Shock

Why Flooring Estimates Are Misleading

Estimates are vague and subject to change, and often are significantly more than the price you were shown before the project started. They're based on general assumptions and can significantly deviate from the actual costs incurred during your project. There's a number of reasons why we choose to offer fixed price quotes vs estimates for our flooring projects.

The Benefits of Fixed Quote Flooring Installations

At Better Call Paul Flooring, we provide comprehensive quotes, ensuring our customers have a surprise free experience. Our quotes include all aspects of the project – from materials and labor to subfloor preparation and debris removal.

Comparing Quotes and Estimates: A Real-World Example

Let's compare a real-life scenario with a Better Call Paul Flooring quote versus a typical estimate from another company:

Fixed Flooring Quote

Better Call Paul Flooring Quote

  • Project Size: 1,000 square feet

  • Fixed Quote: $5,000

  • Inclusions: Materials, labor, warranty, subfloor prep, debris removal

  • Outcome: The final cost remains firmly at $5,000, with no hidden charges.

Typical Flooring Estimate

  • Initial Estimate: $4,500

  • Final Invoice: $9,000 due to extra material costs, extended labor hours, subfloor repairs, debris removal, and other line items added on to the project.

There's unpredictability of an estimate compared to a straightforward, all-inclusive quote.

The Better Call Paul Advantage: Transparent Pricing, Quality Service

Choosing Better Call Paul Flooring means opting for a partner who values honesty and transparency. Our comprehensive quotes ensure you're not just getting a new floor – you're getting a commitment to quality, transparency, and satisfaction.

lifetime flooring warranty

  • Lifetime Flooring Warranty: We only use products designed to last, backed by the manufacturers themselves.

  • Owner's Guarantee: Our guarantee covers any installation-related issues, ensuring a flawless finish.

Making the Smart Choice in Flooring

With Better Call Paul Flooring, say goodbye to the uncertainties of estimates with the assurance of a fixed quote. Experience the difference with a service that stands by its work, offering you a seamless and secure flooring installation experience.

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