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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Hot Topic

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Flooring can be a big decision. Questions arise. Do we keep carpet and replace the old ? Do we get a hardwood floor installed ? With Vinyl flooring now carrying Anti-microbial top coats and flooring that is completely Waterproof it's no wonder why this flooring is being seen in ALL settings .

In 2020 your flooring cannot get higher tech then the process that goes into Luxury Vinyl. The looks of hardwood , stone and tile created with vinyl. Vinyl can give you all of them looks and you would not be able to tell the difference from the real thing. They are offered in anti-microbial and with ceramic and diamond bead finishes that make them extremely sanitary and scratch and dent proof. They also clean easier then any other surface. The quality Vinyl lines we sell are only ones that we have hand picked for their quality that we believe in and are willing to put our name on. For DIY or contractors we sell the material and we also can deliver it to your home or job site.

When installed correctly and these floors last forever. Better Call Paul Flooring Co both sells and installs Luxury Vinyl. We are happy to put our name on the quality Vinyl we carry and the second to none installations our certified installers provide.


BETTER CALL PAUL and the team at Better Call Paul Flooring Co

Call or message for a free in home showcase and estimate ! Or order directly from us here or over the phone.

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